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Welcome To Indigo Bleu

Welcome to Indigo Bleu

At this point, if you reading this you will already know that Indigo Bleu is not your usual women’s clothing boutique. Some of you have been our day-one’s that have been with us since we have been in the basement of 123 Water street (now Verdant floral). You will likely remember the exquisite curator-ship of our staff, the array of displays, the uniqueness of the clothing itself.

If not, well here’s a bit of backstory. As there is a beginning to everything, ours was in 2009, August. We were all feeling the effects of the multi-national financial and mortgage crisis. It was a formidable year full of daunt and uncertainty. Courage always has it’s reward in full. With the objective that today still carries on, we as a company wanted a place where others could seek a place of respite with a touch of inspiration. A small company was formed from friendship. Nancy Apthorp, owner and operator, and an acquaintance decided to open up shop!  Within weeks, and mostly working soley to define the style and essence of the store, Indigo Bleu became a new face, right in the heart of Stonington Bourough, CT. In the midst of retirement, Nancy, a traveler of dozens of lands, brought her experiences in other countries, her background of home textiles, horticulture and design, as well as project managing for large area casinos to this budding boutique.

To this day there is no merchandiser making the decisions, everything was curated for you by us. Indigo Bleu has established a micro-community of strong, vibrant and independent women. In keeping each other’s company, those who I like to call ‘dynamic women’ have elevated other’s lives through charity or even inspiring them to take esteem in themselves. With the confidence that we are not just shopping here, we are sharing our commitment to unyielding principles that enrich the world of commerce. Principles like fair-trade, well made, environmental stewardship, empowerment, and respect of cultural identity we pride ourselves for our DEDICATED PASSION that drives us to carefully select the materials, craftsmanship, quality and design.

We are always intrigued by the story behind an item, be it handbags made by women-owned businesses in South Africa, pillows made in India using a 1000-year-old tradition or a wonderful new designer that exhibits in NY on one of our many buying trips … We believe they all have their own unique value!

We are committed to quality and embrace the ebb and flow of business-ownership. Now, being well into yet another multi-national crisis that can be attributed to many reasons, you are still our main inspiration. Our little boutique has touched those far and wide, stateside and beyond, making a lasting imprint. We appreciate you for keeping company with us, and for sharing your insight and most of all it is for your support that we thank you!


FAIR TRADE, Earth Friendly RECYCLED MATERIALS and US MADE PRODUCTS can all be found Indigo Bleu. Click here to browse part of our current collection.

We carry a very large inventory with a full range of sizes … from casual wear to that special event. Need an accessory? Indigo Bleu has a wonderful selection of scarfs, handbags and beautiful hand-crafted jewelry!

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